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09.04.2020. god.


I   Put the verbs into The Past simple Tense (učenici koji imaju 2 i 3)

1.  I ________ (do) my maths homework yesterday.

2.   _______ Susan _______ ( go) to England by plane?

3.  They __________(visit) a farm two weeks ago.

4.  Jenny and Peggy ___________(not help) their brother.

5.  The children __________( not be) at home last weekend.

6.  My mother ___________(not crash) into the van.

7.  _________ you__________( phone) your aunt last week?

8.  He ___________(not drink) milk at school.

9. We  ___________ (be)  very lucky with the weather.

10.  It _____________ (not / rain) a lot.

II   My day (last week) –opišite jedan uobičajen dan prošle nedelje (učenici koji imaju 4 i 5)

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